Dear Colleagues:

Last month, we took the first step toward a more conservative administrative posture with the elimination of approximately $500,000 in a variety of central administrative positions. As indicated in my November e-mail to campus, that was just the first step in an overall effort to evaluate and, where feasible, streamline Colorado State University’s administrative structure. As the next step, I have reviewed the proposed budget reduction scenarios submitted this fall by each vice presidential area and the President’s Office, taking into consideration current vacant positions and the potential impact on University services that might result from a reduction of operating resources. I have also kept in mind my stated commitment to keep any cuts away from the academic and student-support side of the institution.

As a result of this effort and analysis, we will be cutting an additional $1 million in central administrative expenditures from administrative support units in Administrative Services, Financial Affairs, and Public Affairs — and from units directly reporting to the President’s office. The majority of these cuts will come from elimination of currently vacant staff positions, with some additional streamlining within the units to reduce duplication of effort and create greater efficiency. When added to the $500,000 in cuts we have already taken from the President’s Office, we now have a $1.5M reserve that we can use to help navigate the budget situation that we’ll be reviewing with campus and the Board over the next few months.

Such choices are difficult and, at times, may impact the lives of our colleagues and friends. But I believe these reductions are in the best interest of the institution and its commitment to fiscal accountability and efficiency. We’ll be working to keep all of you closely informed as the Fiscal Year 2010 budget develops, and I hope you will plan to attend the University’s open Strategic Planning Hearings in late January or our open budget hearings in March. Clearly, there are economic uncertainties and challenges ahead, but I believe we will be able to build a solid budget that will protect the academic core of the University, advance accessibility, improve some critical areas, and take some significant steps forward in assuring a long-term stable financial foundation for CSU.

Thanks, and best wishes for a safe and restful winter break.

Dr. Tony Frank
Interim President