It’s increasingly difficult to know how to respond to so many awful national and international tragedies. While I don’t send a message every time there is terrible news, it seems important to try to say something when world events seem likely to deeply impact members of our campus community. In each case, the message tends to be much the same: We, as educated people, have a special responsibility to shift this trajectory and help to foster peace, in whatever ways we can.

Today, I also ask something additional of all of us: As a community, let us show our support for our own CSUPD and local law enforcement officers who no doubt are struggling with the murder of officers today in Baton Rouge and earlier in Dallas. Our campus officers and staff are key to ensuring that all people at CSU feel safe in expressing themselves as members of an open, academic community. They also function as educators who take seriously their role as an integral part of an organization devoted to teaching and learning. With courage and character, they show up every day to do the job we’ve hired them to do.

On behalf of our entire community, I ask that we lend them our respect and support — and that we remain committed to moving forward in solidarity as we continue to deal with a series of sad events that have challenged our country, our world, and our humanity.

Thank you,


Dr. Tony Frank